WRISTOLOGY Lilly Womens Small Rose Gold Boyfriend Metal Review

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WRISTOLOGY Lilly Womens Small Rose Gold Boyfriend Metal Watch When I created this post yesterday, this wristology product is available. You can buy it now. For the newest WRISTOLOGY Lilly Womens Small Rose Gold Boyfriend Metal Watch info about stocks and special shipping order, just follow the link below:

Many reasons exist for of for you to consider selecting this Cool WRISTOLOGY Lilly Womens Small Rose Gold Boyfriend Metal Watch, lets see some highlights of this item:

  • Women's dainty boyfriend watch with classy roman numerals - the perfect everyday go-to watch

  • DIRECT - We only design womens boyfriend watches and sell them direct from our factory to you.
The Lilly Womens boyfriend watch by WRISTOLOGY is classic and dainty. She features a small 32mm case in beautifully feminine rose gold, a classy rose gold face embellished with a roman numeral index, and a matching chunky metal strap. She looks amazing and is the perfect everyday watch!

What we have to say about Lilly: Lilly may not have the biggest, most flamboyant personality like her bigger sister Rachel, but she more than makes up for it with her subdued aire of class and sophistication. She's not the type to stand up and say"look at me", but there's no doubt she'll be noticed.
What Lilly has to say:
If I'm a little to dainty for you, check out my sister Rachel by searching "WRISTOLOGY Rachel" on amazon. We're the same design, just different sizes. ;)
- Lilly
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Lilly has an adjustable metal band that includes links to fit any wrist from 4-8".

Design. Quality. Direct.
Hi - We're WRISTOLOGY - a women's boyfriend watch brand created to change the crazy over-priced, under designed women's watch market.
Since the beginning of time, women's watches have basically been a "mini version" of a man's watch. Over the last decade, watch designers have "branched out" to taking their men's watches and adding a feminine detail or two and calling it a women's watch.
We do things a little differently at WRISTOLOGY. We design for pretty, we manufacture for quality and only sell women's watches without middlemen, department store markup or expensive celebrity endorsements. Design. Quality. Direct.

To sell all of our styles, click "WRISTOLOGY" in blue..

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WRISTOLOGY Lilly Womens Small Rose Gold Boyfriend Metal Watch,cheap

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